AGORA – Cancer Centre is the place where fundamental and clinical research meet to push back the limits of science. The place where, day after day, researchers and clinicians meet and mix to find together solutions to the multiple challenges posed by cancer. The place where exchanges, contradictions, confrontations will lead to the therapies of tomorrow.

The ISREC Foundation is building the AGORA – Cancer Centre
For the AGORA – Cancer Centre, the basic premise was so self-evident that the question soon became inevitable: why not gather together all the greatest experts in oncology from all the leading research institutions in and around Lake Geneva under one roof? Devise a place where the different specialties, basic and clinical, could work together side-by-side, and interact to develop the therapies of the future? The moment could not be more timely: by integrating ISREC researchers into the EPFL, transferring the Ludwig Institute to the UNIL, planning the future joint governance of UNIL and CHUV and the major hospital complex project already in progress, how could it not be possible to envisage a concerted research effort primarily benefiting the patient ?

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A hub for research
The translational oncology proposed by the AGORA – Cancer Centre project includes stimulating catalytic interactions between basic and clinical researchers and care practitioners (doctors, surgeons or other specialists involved in applied research) defined through the interplay of synergies.
The AGORA - Cancer Centre exists specifically to bring together scientists and practitioners under one roof as part of a community of expertise.
Created as a gigantic “toolbox” in the fight against cancer, the interactive, integrated AGORA centre allows everyone to draw on the pool of resources available in an effort to combat the disease: ground-breaking progress in understanding the mechanisms specific to each pathology, optimized management of targeted therapies, networking of advances benefiting patients under treatment.
With the AGORA – Cancer Centre, Lausanne is placing itself on the world cancer research map as place where exciting discoveries about cancer mechanism are made, and translated to the development of more effective therapies.
That is just how the AGORA – Cancer Centre was envisaged. Initially viewed as a building that would serve as a hub for combining academic and clinical research and a Mecca for translational oncology, the project will now offer cutting-edge research teams shared facilities, work spaces and debating platforms. Day after day, stimulated by an ambience wholly conducive to dialogue, researchers and clinicians will be tasked with providing solutions to the many challenges raised by cancer, either through the opportunity to discuss issues, or to exchange and even argue different points of view.

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> 30.10.2014
Warmest congratulations to Prof. Laurence Zitvogel

> 24.09.2014
Our most sincere congratulations to Prof. Elisa Oricchio
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Congratulations to Prof. Susan Gasser
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Congratulations to Prof. Douglas Hanahan

Events in support of the ISREC Foundation in 2014
> June 7th 2014
Exhibition «People of Champéry»
> June 22, 2014
AGO Trophy in Lonay
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Running "Corcelles-le-Jorat"