"The Cancer Research Center AGORA is the place where fundamental and clinical research meet to push back the limits of science. The place where, day after day, researchers and clinicians meet and mix to find solutions to the multiple challenges posed by cancer. The place where exchanges, contradictions, confrontations will lead to the therapies of tomorrow."


The ISREC Foundation has built the Cancer Research Cluster AGORA on the Lausanne hospital site. Starting in 2018, this first-rate infrastructure will welcome almost 300 scientists and clinicians.


This building brings together multi-disciplinary teams composed of doctors, biologists, immunologists, bioinformaticians and bioengineers from the different partner institutions. Their numerous and constant interactions will accelerate the development of new therapies and enable patients to benefit from them immediately.


The integrated and interactive Cancer Research Cluster AGORA will, in the near future, help forward our understanding of the mechanisms underlying each type of pathology and in developing targeted and optimised therapies for the benefit of patients. Scientists and clinicians will together be able to provide answers to the multiple challenges posed by cancer, be it through the exchange and confrontation of points of view, diagnoses or therapeutic approaches.


The ISREC Foundation, responsible for the construction of this building, will thus contribute to the setting up of the new interdisciplinary centre for applied cancer research (SCCL, Swiss cancer center Léman), which unites the competences of the universities, federal institutes of technology (EPFs), hospitals, clinics and public and private institutions.



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