Application procedure

Your application* for a project in an academic research institute or laboratory must include full documentation, including:

  • Research plan with goals and description of the scientific project
  • Detailed budget (including salaries, social charges, material)
  • Curriculum vitae and publication list
  • Reference letter

All requests are submitted to our Scientific Board which examines each application and passes on its evaluation to the Foundation Council.

Annual deadlines:

  • Reception by November 30 -> answer by May 31
  • Reception by May 30 -> answer by November 30

The documents are to be sent to:

Fondation ISREC
Rue du Bugnon 25A
CH-1005 Lausanne

*Grant applications for PhD students must be filed by the institution’s management. They are subject to specific applications filed within the context of a PhD program directly connected to the goals of the ISREC Foundation. 

News & Events

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Congratulations to Prof David Gfeller (UNIL/SIB), Dr. Michal Bassani-Sternberg (CHUV/UNIL) and Julien Racle (UNIL/SIB): the results of their work…

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Congratulations are in order for the research teams of Prof. Douglas Hanahan, director of the ISREC@epfl. Their work has led to the identification of…

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Once again, the SUR-SRP “Summer Research” program (July 8 to August 29), organized by the UNIL and the EPFL and supported by the ISREC Foundation, was…

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