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Thank you for your support and your loyalty. Whether modest or more important, every donation counts and helps us pursue our mission.

The financing and the lasting quality of the ISREC Foundation projects is mainly assured by donations and legacies from people who share our cause – the support of cancer research projects and the training of young scientists in Switzerland.


You can support our mission in various ways:


By means of a donation

CCP 10-3224-9 (IBAN CH55 0900 0000 1000 3224 9) or

UBS, 1002 Lausanne (IBAN CH11 0024 3243 G020 3554 0) or

BCV, 1001 Lausanne (IBAN CH03 0076 7000 U032 9261 3)


AGORA – Shedding New Light on Cancer

Every ray of light is an additional glimmer of hope.

Support cancer research by acquiring one of these inventive and personalized, levitating lamps.

Built by the ISREC Foundation and located at the heart of the hospital campus, AGORA raises tremendous hopes and needs all the lamps it can find to shed light on cancer.

Thanks to your support, scientists and physicians working at AGORA can take quicker and more efficient action against this disease.

Make a donation


By sponsoring a graduate student

young scientists wishing to gain access to the research institutions of our region can work in a research group for approximately 3 to 4 years.


By sponsoring a young professor

affiliated to the EPFL (School of Life Sciences - ISREC) or to a Swiss University (Faculty of biology and medicine), thus offering this person the opportunity to launch his or her career as a researcher.


By sponsoring a post-doc

for the development of projects of competence at the national level.


As a personal sponsor you can directly help a young qualified person to pursue his or her training in research.



By means of a legacy



Tax deductions

If you have donated 100 francs or more within one year, you can deduct donations made to charitable organizations in your tax return. This leads to a reduction of the federal, cantonal and communal taxes you owe. For more information (in French) or (in German) or here.


If you wish to receive more information regarding one of these possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone
(021 653 07 16) or e-mail.



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