A new scientific device thanks to a most generous donation from the Association Josy Marty ECHEC AU CANCER DE LA BROYE

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Heartfelt THANKS to all the members of this association! Thanks to their efforts, an amazing CHF 150’000.- were raised for the purchase of a BeaQuant-S device for the AGORA center’s molecular imaging lab.

In nuclear medicine, the detection of tumors in a PET scan requires the intravenous administration of radioactive tracers. Prof. Margret Schottelius and her research groups are working on the development of novel tracers for the study and quantification of tumoral cells. Thanks to this innovative device, which affords a resolution 1000-fold higher than that of a PET scan, the imaging capacity of the AGORA center will reach a whole new level of precision.

The ECHEC AU CANCER DE LA BROYE Association has been supporting cancer research for 28 years, and has, to date, donated an impressive total of CHF 337’000.- to the ISREC Foundation.