Congratulations to Prof. Susan M. Gasser, director of the ISREC Foundation, and Prof. Federica Sallusto (ETH Zurich), member of the Scientific Board of the ISREC Foundation, who have been elected international members of the National Academy of Sciences

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Election to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is considered a mark of excellence and one of the highest honors in the scientific field. Scientists are elected by current members, in recognition of their exceptional contributions to research.
The ISREC Foundation is proud to be able to count on Prof. Gasser’s and Prof. Sallusto’s extensive scientific expertise.
Founded in 1863 as a result of an Act of Congress that was approved by Abraham Lincoln, the NAS is charged with providing independent, objective advice on matters related to science and technology. The NAS is committed to the advancement of science, and its members actively contribute to the international scientific community. Approximately 500 current and deceased members of this organization have won Nobel prizes. The NAS’s official journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, founded in 1914, publishes original research and is one of the leading international scientific journals.

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