Congratulations to Prof. Johanna Joyce and her research group on their publication in the prestigious journal Nature

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In their study, Johanna Joyce and Vladimir Wischnewski (both of the University of Lausanne) were able to show that patients with metastatic brain cancer respond more efficiently to immune checkpoint blockade therapies than patients suffering from primary brain tumors such as gliomas. The scientists analyzed T cells from individuals with primary or metastatic brain tumors as well as from lung and breast cancer patients. In doing so, they were able to identify a subgroup of individuals with brain metastases, mostly of pulmonary origin, but not gliomas, whose tumors presented significant infiltration of potentially tumor-reactive T cells. Additionally, these cells expressed markers indicative of a response to immune checkpoint blockade therapies. These results may serve to efficiently determine which brain tumor patients can benefit from immunotherapy.
The ISREC Foundation is proud to have contributed to this study.

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